V roce 2012 se součástí Nakladatelství Slovart stalo nakladatelství Brio. Nakladatelství Brio vydávalo ve spolupráci s předními spisovateli a výtvarníky nádherně ilustrované originální příběhy a sbírky pohádek pro děti od šesti do dvanácti let. Pro starší děti, mládež a dospělé Brio nabízelo sebrané spisy pohádek a bajek od renomovaných spisovatelů, doplněné o to nejlepší z klasické literatury celého světa. V této tradici pokračujeme také my v rámci stejnojmenné edice.

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Design as Art

Design as Art

Autor: Bruno Munari
ISBN: 9780141035819
Internetová cena: 254,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 299,00 Kč
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One of the last surviving members of the futurist generation, Bruno Munari's Design as Art is an illustrated journey into the artistic possibilities of modern design translated by Patrick Creagh published as part of the 'Penguin on Design' series in Penguin Modern Classics.

'The designer of today re-establishes the long-lost contact between art and the public, between living people and art as a living thing'

Bruno Munari was among the most inspirational designers of all time, described by Picasso as 'the new Leonardo'. Munari insisted that design be beautiful, functional and accessible, and this enlightening and highly entertaining book sets out his ideas about visual, graphic and industrial design and the role it plays in the objects we use everyday. Lamps, road signs, typography, posters, children's books, advertising, cars and chairs - these are just some of the subjects to which he turns his illuminating gaze.

How do we see the world around us? The Penguin on Design series includes the works of creative thinkers whose writings on art, design and the media have changed our vision forever.

Bruno Munari (1907-1998), born in Milan, was the enfant terrible of Italian art and design for most of the twentieth century, contributing to many fields of both visual (paint, sculpture, film, industrial design, graphics) and non-visual arts (literature, poetry). He was twice awarded the Compasso d'Oro design prize for excellence in his field.

If you enjoyed Design as Art, you might like John Berger's Ways of Seeing, also available in Penguin Modern Classics.

'One of the most influential designers of the twentieth century ... Munari has encouraged people to go beyond formal conventions and stereotypes by showing them how to widen their perceptual awareness'
International Herald Tribune

Publisher’s notice:

Bruno Munari was an Italian artist and designer, who contributed in many fields of both visual (paint, scultpture, film, industrial design, graphics) and non-visual arts (literature, poetry.)

Art & Queer Culture

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Richard Meyer, Catherine Lord
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Juraj Čarný, Barbora Geržová, Richard Gregor, Diana Majdáková, Katarína Müllerová
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Simon Morley
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Dancing with the Gods: Reflections on Life and Art

Kent Nerburn
Guidance and wisdom for young artists, from award-winning artist and writer Kent Nerburn When Kent Nerburn received a letter from Jennifer, a young woman questioning her calling to spend...
Internetová cena: 424,00 Kč
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Akademie X: Lessons in Art and Life (bazar)

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Joseph Beuys - Titus / Iphibenie

Joseph Beuys, Abisag Tüllmann, Peter Handke, Mario Kramer
Abisag Tüllmann. Photographs Beuys’ iconic work Titus Andronicus / Iphigenie was created at a turning point in art history, when performance art was declaring its independence as a genre...
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Performance Now: Live Art for the Twenty-First Century

RoseLee Goldberg
Performance Now charts the development of performance by visual artists across six continents since the turn of the 21st century. It reveals how live art, so integral to the history of art...
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Běžná cena: 1 090,00 Kč

Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects

Paola Antonelli
Published in conjunction with an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, Talk to Me thrives on an important late 20th-century cultural development in design: a shift from the centrality of...
Internetová cena: 730,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 859,00 Kč
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Significant Others: Creativity and Intimate Partnership

Significant Others: Creativity and Intimate Partnership

Whitney Chadwick, Isabelle de Courtivron
An original and revealing series of essays on couples who shared both sexual and artistic bonds Biographies of artists and writers have traditionally presented lone struggles for...
Internetová cena: 297,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 349,00 Kč
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Seeing Slowly: Looking at Modern Art

Michael Findlay
When it comes to viewing art, living in the information age is not necessarily a benefit. So argues Michael Findlay in this book that encourages a new way of looking at art. Much of this...
Internetová cena: 739,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 869,00 Kč
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The Artist Project: What Artists See When They Look At Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art
120 of the world's most influential contemporary artists discuss the art that inspires them in this lavishly packaged and designed book. "The Artist Project is the latest step among The...
Internetová cena: 1 649,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 1 940,00 Kč
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Clare Lilley
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Běžná cena: 720,00 Kč
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Jens Hoffmann
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frieze A to Z of Contemporary Art

frieze Magazine
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Internetová cena: 977,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 1 149,00 Kč
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