V roce 2012 se součástí Nakladatelství Slovart stalo nakladatelství Brio. Nakladatelství Brio vydávalo ve spolupráci s předními spisovateli a výtvarníky nádherně ilustrované originální příběhy a sbírky pohádek pro děti od šesti do dvanácti let. Pro starší děti, mládež a dospělé Brio nabízelo sebrané spisy pohádek a bajek od renomovaných spisovatelů, doplněné o to nejlepší z klasické literatury celého světa. V této tradici pokračujeme také my v rámci stejnojmenné edice.

Jsme výhradní distributor nakladatelství TASCHEN pro Českou republiku

Cassandra Clare: Pán stínů (Temné lsti II)


V oddělení Bazar najdete cizojazyčné knihy zahraničních nakladatelství, jejichž prohlížecí výtisky již byly staženy z běžné prodejní sítě a zbytkové zásoby s mírným poškozením (nejčastěji potrhaný či pomačkaný přebal, poškrábané desky, známky opotřebování prohlížením zákazníky na prodejně) jsou doprodávány s výraznou slevou exkluzivně v tomto oddělení e-shopu. Můžete tak získat knihy, které v knihkupectví už marně sháníte a navíc za skvělé ceny. V případě zásadního poškození nebo nedostupnosti objednané knihy Vás budeme samozřejmě informovat.

Secret Garden: Three Mini Journals

Secret Garden: Three Mini Journals

Autor: Johanna Basford
ISBN: 9781856699488
Cena v akci: 30,00 Kč
Internetová cena: 297,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 349,00 Kč

Inspired by the best-selling colouring book Secret Garden by Johanna Basford, this set of three mini journals has beautifully illustrated covers decorated with gold foil and is packaged as a gift set. Each journal contains 64 blank pages for your notes and sketches.

Appealing to all ages, the intricately realised world of the secret garden is both beautiful and inspirational.

Johanna Basford's Secret Garden Journal

Johanna Basford's Secret Garden Journal

Autor: Johanna Basford
ISBN: 9781856699853
Cena v akci: 30,00 Kč
Internetová cena: 399,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 469,00 Kč

Beautiful hardback journal for all your notes and doodles, containing 144 pages. Includes over 70 small images from Secret Garden for you to colour in.

Enchanted Forest: 12 Colour-in Notecards

Enchanted Forest: 12 Colour-in Notecards

Autor: Johanna Basford
ISBN: 9781780677835
Cena v akci: 30,00 Kč
Internetová cena: 332,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 390,00 Kč

Following on from the success of the bestselling colouring books Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford, this set of notecards enables you to share some inky magic and will suit a variety of occasions.

There are 12 notecards with 12 different designs for you or the lucky recipient to colour in. Each card is left blank inside for your message, and comes with an illustrated envelope.

About the Author

Johanna Basford is an illustrator and ink evangelist who creates intricate and hand-drawn illustrations rooted in the flora and fauna that surrounds her home in rural Scotland. She is the author of the best-selling Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book and Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Colouring Book.

Serge Ramelli: Paris (bazar)

Serge Ramelli: Paris (bazar)

Autor: Serge Ramelli
ISBN: 9783832732523
Cena v akci: 698,00 Kč
Internetová cena: 1 437,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 1 690,00 Kč

Se slevou nabízíme exemplář s drobnými vadami na obalu

Paris is the City of Light, love, and savoir vivre. And this world-class capital is surely one of the planet’s most photographed destinations, whether by tourists snapping a quick souvenir shot or professionals with high-end cameras. The brief preview we provide here shows how special this city really is. Paris has never been showcased as impressively, meaningfully, or dramatically as it is by the French photographer Serge Ramelli. His vision of the city—like all of his images—is unmistakably inspired by cinema. In addition to his second passion, filmmaking (which he does when he’s not taking pictures), he is also fascinated by the films of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Ridley Scott. Ramelli’s interpretation of the bustling metropolis of Paris is at once impressive and fabulous. Pulsing with life both day and night, the city appears nearly devoid of people—a heavily symbolic place with many facets to explore, shining with an inimitable light.

  • The metropolis of Paris, presented with Serge Ramelli’s dramatic vision
  • A fabulous and fascinating tour of the city in an incomparable light
  • Film and photography meld into a black-and-white work of art
Exactitude: Hyperrealist Art Today (bazar)

Exactitude: Hyperrealist Art Today (bazar)

Autor: John Russell Taylor
ISBN: 9780500238639
Cena v akci: 598,00 Kč
Internetová cena: 1 012,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 1 190,00 Kč

Se slevou nabízíme exemplář s poškozeným přebalem

Realism and thus Exactitude has played an important role in art history ever since the discovery of perspective. Here, John Russell Taylor charts the artists' endeavour to re-create the smallest detail, dating back to centuries before photography to the present day.

This book brims with works by contemporary artists working in a figurative, hyperrealist style called 'Exactitude'. Such works show wide diversity – including still lifes, extreme close-ups, large-scale cityscapes, landscapes and commercial packaging.

Among the artists included are Pedro Campos, Clive Head, Ben Johnson, David Ligare, Cynthia Poole, John Salt, Cesar Santander, Ben Schonzeit and Tjalf Sparnaay, who come from all around the world, but are united here by their meticulous approach to their work, whether depicting, among many different subjects, American diners, book spines, portraits or car engines.

'Very timely … will offer an invaluable glimpse of a much more diverse art world than is likely to be represented by mainstream art collections'
The Art Book

'Paintings that make you do a double-take … impressive'
Artists & Illustrators

'Excellent … an absorbing read, packed with incredible works of art … a wonderful overview of this growing branch of the arts and a major release by Thames & Hudson'

About the Author

John Russell Taylor is a distinguished English critic and author. He is the author of critical studies of British theatre; of critical biographies of such important figures in Anglo-American film as Alfred Hitchcock,Alec Guinness, Orson Welles,Vivien Leigh and Ingrid Bergman; of Strangers in Paradise:The Hollywood Emigres 1933-1950; and many books on art.

Maggie Bollaert was one of the founders of Plus One Gallery.

List of Contributors

Clive Head

Marlene Dumas: Against the Wall (bazar)

Marlene Dumas: Against the Wall (bazar)

Autor: Marlene Dumas
ISBN: 9781941701003
Cena v akci: 498,00 Kč
Internetová cena: 927,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 1 090,00 Kč

Se slevou nabízíme prohlížecí exemplář

Originally published in 2010 on the occasion of Dumas' first solo presentation at David Zwirner in New York, this much sought-after exhibition catalogue--which sold out shortly after publication--has been reprinted in 2014 to coincide with the artist's European retrospective exhibition "The Image as Burden," organized by Tate Modern, London in collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and the Fondation Beyeler, Basel traveling through 2015. Throughout her career, Dumas has created lyrically charged compositions that eulogize the frailties of the human body, probing issues of love and melancholy. At times her subjects are more topical, merging socio-political themes with personal experience and art-historical antecedents to reflect unique perspectives on the most salient and controversial issues facing contemporary society. The large-scale works included in "Against the Wall" are primarily based on media imagery documenting Israel and Palestine, exploring the tension between the photographic documentation of reality and the constructed space of painting. "The Wall," the painting that began the series, at first appears to present a scene at the Western Wall (also known as the Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem. However, this work is in fact based upon a photograph from a newspaper that portrayed a group of Orthodox Jews on their way to pray at Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem. Dumas destabilizes preconceived notions about what, in fact, is being pictured--engaging the often ambiguous nature of ideas like truth or justice. "In a sense they are my first landscape paintings," Dumas further notes in the catalogue, "or should I say 'territory paintings.' That is why they are so big." The somber color plates reproduced in the publication are given context by Dumas's own musings, a text framed as a letter to David Zwirner in which she tries to tell him "about the 'why'" of this powerful series. Born in 1953 in Cape Town, South Africa, Marlene Dumas studied at the University of Cape Town before moving to The Netherlands in the late 1970s to study painting and psychology. She continues to live and work in Amsterdam. In 2008, a critically acclaimed retrospective, "Measuring Your Own Grave," was organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, in association with The Museum of Modern Art, New York, which toured to The Menil Collection, Houston, Texas in 2009.

Azzaro: Fifty Years of Glitter (bazar)

Azzaro: Fifty Years of Glitter (bazar)

Autor: Serge Gleizes
ISBN: 9781419728792
Cena v akci: 574,00 Kč
Internetová cena: 1 139,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 1 340,00 Kč

Se slevou nabízíme exemplář s drobnými vadami na obalu

Fashion designer Loris Azzaro embodied an era. His fashion house, founded in Paris in 1967, was known for visionary silhouettes, slinky silk jerseys, daring cut-outs, and ornate beading and embroidery. Starting with his wife and muse Michelle, Azzaro (b. Tunisia, 1933; d. Paris, 2003) created clothes for beautiful women— among them Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, Marisa Berenson, Isabelle Adjani, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, and Nicole Kidman. His style was seductive and modern, imbued with audacity and Parisian elegance. He created both mens’ and womens’ collections, and became well known for his perfumes.

Filled with interviews with people who knew and worked with Azzaro, this sumptuous new book focuses on themes important to the designer: style, inspiration, contemporaneity, perfumes, and family. The stunning illustrations include photographs from the Azzaro archives by Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, and other well-known fashion photographers, as well as magazine covers from Vogue, Elle, and more.

About the author

Serge Gleizes is a journalist and the author of many books, including Pierre Frey: Inspiring Interiors, Paris by Ladurée, and The French Bistro Chair.

Otto: The Autobiography of a Teddy Bear (bazar)

Otto: The Autobiography of a Teddy Bear (bazar)

Autor: Tomi Ungerer
ISBN: 9780714857664
Cena v akci: 198,00 Kč
Internetová cena: 365,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 429,00 Kč

Se slevou nabízíme exemplář s drobnými vadami na obalu

This is an autobiographical tale of a teddy bear named Otto.

Otto is a German-born teddy bear. His first memories are of being stitched together and being given to David, a Jewish boy living in Germany before WWII. David and his best-friend Oskar always play with Otto, using him for pranks, games and even teaching him to type on a typewriter. Life is a lot of fun for Otto.

However, one day, David starts to wear a yellow star on his jacket. He and his parents are soon carted away by men in leather coats and uniforms. David decides to give his dear teddy bear to Oskar.

Many lonely days pass for Oskar and Otto. But even gloomier days soon arrive when Oskar’s father is drafted into the army and the bombings start.

Warehouse Home: Industrial Inspiration for Twenty-First-Century Living (bazar)

Warehouse Home: Industrial Inspiration for Twenty-First-Century Living (bazar)

Autor: Sophie Bush
ISBN: 9780500519462
Cena v akci: 398,00 Kč
Internetová cena: 757,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 890,00 Kč

Se slevou nabízíme exemplář s drobnými vadami na obálce knihy

A global overview of the most contemporary and ingenious – and comfortable – former light-industrial spaces transformed into stylish modern residences

The love of warehouse buildings – often in attractive waterside locations – has become a global phenomenon, from London to New York, from Sydney to Florence. Drawing on her own experience of living in a Grade II listed mill, Sophie Bush has amassed a wealth of knowledge, contacts and understanding about which ingredients make a building fit for contemporary habitation.

Warehouse Home is the ultimate resource for everything from how best to preserve and complement original architectural features to style ideas for adapting vintage and reclaimed pieces for modern living. The book has a practical structure, broken down into two key sections.
• 'Architectural Features' looks at how to make the most of a space while retaining its features, such as exposed brickwork, concrete floors and mezzanines. It also draws on examples of former industrial buildings across the world that have been renovated to create distinctive homes and workspaces, each selected for the originality or intelligence of its design.
• ‘Decorative Details' provides tips on how to recreate the warehouse aesthetic in any home, from repurposing pallets and breeze blocks as furniture to transforming exhaust cones into unique lighting fixtures.
• A reference section includes ideas on where to source everything from furniture to finishes.

Sophie Bush is the editor of Warehouse Home, an online and print magazine focused on warehouse living.

Cabins (bazar)

Cabins (bazar)

Autor: Philip Jodidio
ISBN: 9783836550260
Cena v akci: 724,00 Kč
Internetová cena: 1 487,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 1 749,00 Kč

Se slevou nabízíme exemplář s vadami na deskách knihy.

Ever since Henry David Thoreau’s described his two years, two months, and two days of cabin existence at Walden Pond, Massachusetts in Walden, or, Life in the Woods (1854), the idea of a refuge dwelling has seduced the modern psyche. In the past decade, as our material existence and environmental footprint has grown exponentially, architects around the globe have become particularly interested in the possibilities of the minimal, low-impact, and isolated abode. This new TASCHEN title, combining insightful text, rich photography and bright, contemporary illustrations by Marie-Laure Cruschi, explores how this particular architectural type presents special opportunities for creative thinking. In eschewing excess, the cabin limits actual spatial intrusion to the bare essentials of living requirements, while in responding to its typically rustic setting, it foregrounds eco-friendly solutions. As such, the cabin comes to showcase some of the most inventive and forward-looking practice of contemporary architecture, with Renzo Piano, Terunobu Fujimori, Tom Kundig and many fresh young professionals all embracing such distilled sanctuary spaces. The cabins selected for this publication emphasize the variety of the genre, both in terms of usage and geography. From an artist studio on the Suffolk coast in England to eco-home huts in the Western Ghats region of India, this survey is as exciting in its international reach as it is in its array of briefs, clients, and situations. Constant throughout, however, is architectural innovation, and an inspiring sense of contemplation and coexistence as people return to nature and to a less destructive model of being in the world.


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