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Klasický komiks

Young Hag

Young Hag

Autor: Isabel Greenberg
ISBN: 9781787334052
Internetová cena: 479,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 599,00 Kč

Once there was magic in Britain. There were dragons and wizards and green knights and kings who pulled swords out of stones. But now, the doors to the Otherworld have closed.

Young Hag has grown up believing her mother and grandmother are the last witches in the land. But when tragedy strikes, she turns her back on these tales. Where is their magic when they really need it?

Then one day they find a changeling in the woods. Confronted with real magic at last, Young Hag has no choice but to believe. She sets off on the greatest quest of her life; but can Young Hag bring the magic back? Or will she become a footnote in the tale of famous kings and wizards?

From the acclaimed creator of
Glass Town and The One Hundred Nights of Hero comes a dazzlingly imaginative escape into the world of myth. Young Hag ingeniously reinvents the women in Arthurian legend, transforming the tales of old into a heart-warming coming-of-age story.


A gamechanger. Vibrant, vital and galvanic storytelling – Young Hag will win legions of fans -- Kiran Millwood Hargrave, author of The Girl of Ink & Stars

Isabel Greenberg has honed a perfect style that feels timeless -- Kate Beaton, author of Ducks

Honest, charming and so fun. I couldn't put it down. Pure magic -- Marissa Meyer, author of Cinder

A gorgeous celebration of myths and myth-making, full of wit, wisdom and joy.
I devoured this wonderful book in one blissful sitting -- Sarah Waters, author of Fingersmith

Entrancing and fierce, this is a coming-of -age story which speaks of courage and female power, lending space to the old Arthurian legends for a modern audience (of all ages). Young Hag is an absolute delight! -- Susan Stokes-Chapman, author of Pandora

Vivid, stirring and magical -- Posy Simmonds, author of Gemma Bovery

No one does it like Isabel Greenberg! I love her strange imaginary landscapes and bold, spikey heroines. Young Hag had me rapt from start to finish. Fun, funny and totally charming -- Lizzy Stewart, author of Alison

Greenberg’s illustrations are wonderful – witty, uncanny, melancholy and funnySunday Express

Greenberg both tells and illustrates with warm, whimsical beautyTIME

With a charming art style and a vibrant set of quirky characters,
Young Hag is a fun and memorable taleSkinny

About the Author

Isabel Greenberg is a London-based illustrator and writer. She is the author of three critically acclaimed graphic novels, including Glass Town, and has been nominated for two Eisner Awards. She is also the illustrator of several children’s books and an associate lecturer at University of the Arts London.

Superior Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 1

Dan Slott
When a dying Doctor Octopus swaps his mind into Peter Parker's body, he sentences his accursed enemy to oblivion - and sets out to prove that he is the smarter, stronger...Superior...
Internetová cena: 2 392,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 2 990,00 Kč
Skladem (1 ks)

Ultimate Marvel by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus

Jonathan Hickman
Thrillingly modern takes on your favorite Ultimate Universe heroes, Jonathan Hickman-style! Go back to the beginning to learn the origin of Thor! Ragnarok has descended...but what exactly...
Internetová cena: 1 912,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 2 390,00 Kč
Skladem (3 ks)

Ultimate Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 3

Brian Michael Bendis
Mark Bagley concludes his record-breaking ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN collaboration with Brian Michael Bendis! But before they're done, they pit Peter Parker against a host of updated versions...
Internetová cena: 2 392,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 2 990,00 Kč
Skladem (1 ks)


Jean-Gaspard Páleníček, Václav Šlajc
Eleven poetic views of ordinary, everyday life in contemporary Japan A Japanese salaryman decides to ditch everything and go to a remote island to produce salt. A rocker plays...
Internetová cena: 632,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 790,00 Kč
Skladem (3 ks)

Breaks, Volume 1

Emma Vieceli, Malin Ryden
Before Heartstopper, there was Breaks . . . the enemies-to-lovers queer webcomic sensationCortland Hunt has made some dangerous mistakes. Now he's waiting quietly for those mistakes to...
Internetová cena: 319,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 399,00 Kč

Heartstopper Volume 5

Alice Oseman
Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love. The bestselling LGBTQ+ graphic novel about life, love, and everything that happens in between: this is the fifth volume of the...
Internetová cena: 319,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 399,00 Kč

Absolute Dark Nights: Death Metal

Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Yanick Paquette, Bryan Hitch
When the Earth is enveloped by the Dark Multiverse, the Justice League is at the mercy of the Batman Who Laughs—who is reborn as the Darkest Knight!Humanity struggles to survive in a...
Internetová cena: 2 152,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 2 690,00 Kč
Skladem (2 ks)

Asterix: Asterix and the White Iris

Fabcaro, Didier Conrad
The latest adventure from our indomitable hero and his friends! A strange new philosophy is gaining popularity amongst the Roman soldiers, spearheaded by the charismatic Isivertuus. When...
Internetová cena: 295,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 369,00 Kč
Skladem (3 ks)

Courage to Dream: Tales of Hope in the Holocaust

Neal Shusterman, Andrés Vera Martínez
National Book Award winner Neal Shusterman presents a graphic novel exploring the Holocaust through surreal visions and a textured canvas of heroism and hope. Courage to Dream plunges...
Internetová cena: 423,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 529,00 Kč

Heartstopper Volume 4

Alice Oseman
Now in gorgeous special-edition hardback: with an extra never-before-in-print mini-comic A VERY SPECIAL DAY, beautiful endpapers and an exquisite foiled cover, this is an unmissable...
Internetová cena: 399,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 499,00 Kč

Lore Olympus: Volume Five

Rachel Smythe
Witness what the gods do after dark in the fifth volume of a stylish and contemporary reimagining of one of the best-known stories in Greek mythology, featuring exclusive...
Internetová cena: 423,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 529,00 Kč

Where Is Anne Frank

Ari Folman
A beautifully designed graphic novel bringing to life Kitty, Anne Frank’s imaginary confidant, as she searches for her missing friend in the modern world. I had no clue when I came back to...
Internetová cena: 455,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 569,00 Kč

Flung Out of Space

Grace Ellis
Flung Out of Space isa graphic fictionalized account of infamous author Patricia Highsmith caught up in the longing and obsession that would inspire her groundbreaking work of queer...
Internetová cena: 375,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 469,00 Kč
Skladem (4 ks)

Marvel The Way of the Warrior: Marvel's Mightiest Martial Artists

Alan Cowsill
Is Shang-Chi Marvel's ultimate fighter?Discover the fighting styles, training techniques, and secret disciplines of Marvel Comics' mighty martial artists and hand-to-hand...
Internetová cena: 439,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 549,00 Kč
Skladem (1 ks)

The Sad Ghost Club 2

Lize Meddings
'Good or bad, Sad Ghosts stick together.'A heart-warming series about friendship, compassion and finding your kindred spirits.When two strangers meet at a party and realise they both feel...
Internetová cena: 263,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 329,00 Kč
Skladem (1 ks)

The Sad Ghost Club 3

Lize Meddings
'We wanted to create a space where anyone who is feeling sad or alone could come and feel ... well, not so alone. Welcome ... to the Sad Ghost Club!'A heart-warming series about friendship,...
Internetová cena: 263,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 329,00 Kč
Skladem (5 ks)

To Kill a Mockingbird. A Graphic Novel

Harper Lee, Fred Fordham
“This gorgeously rendered graphic-novel version provides a new perspective for old fans but also acts as an immersive introduction for youngsters as well as any adult who somehow missed out...
Internetová cena: 472,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 590,00 Kč
Skladem (1 ks)

Maus Now: Selected Writing

Hillary Chute
A richly illustrated book in which leading cultural critics, authors, and academics reflect on the radical achievement and innovation of Art Spiegelman's Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece...
Internetová cena: 479,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 599,00 Kč
Skladem (4 ks)

Fables. The Complete Series

Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham
Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the incredible world of Fables with this timeless box set!The perfect way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Fables for any fan!The full saga in one...
Internetová cena: 4 392,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 5 490,00 Kč
Skladem (1 ks)

Marvel Comics Library. Fantastic Four. Vol. 1. 1961–1963

Mark Waid, Mike Massimino, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
In 1961 Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created The Fantastic Four—a powerhouse super hero team revolutionary for their flaws and complexity—that kicked the comic industry into high gear. This XXL...
Internetová cena: 3 432,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 4 290,00 Kč
Skladem (1 ks)

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