V roce 2012 se součástí Nakladatelství Slovart stalo nakladatelství Brio. Nakladatelství Brio vydávalo ve spolupráci s předními spisovateli a výtvarníky nádherně ilustrované originální příběhy a sbírky pohádek pro děti od šesti do dvanácti let. Pro starší děti, mládež a dospělé Brio nabízelo sebrané spisy pohádek a bajek od renomovaných spisovatelů, doplněné o to nejlepší z klasické literatury celého světa. V této tradici pokračujeme také my v rámci stejnojmenné edice.

Jsme výhradní distributor nakladatelství TASCHEN pro Českou republiku


Monica Bellucci (Rizzoli) (bazar)

Monica Bellucci (Rizzoli) (bazar)

ISBN: 9780847835072
Cena v akci: 748,00 Kč
Internetová cena: 1 352,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 1 590,00 Kč
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An exquisite tribute to Italy’s most important contemporary model and actress. As a model, Monica Bellucci graced the covers of magazines such as Elle and Esquire before achieving success as an actress whose notable appearances include roles in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Matrix Reloaded, The Passion of the Christ, and The Matrix Revolutions. This glamorous volume features 150 of the most exquisite, sensual photographs of Bellucci throughout her twenty-year career taken by the world’s most important photographers, including Peter Lindbergh, Helmut Newton, Fabrizio Ferri, Richard Avedon, and Ellen von Unwerth. Monica Bellucci will appear in the 2010 Disney film The Sorcerer’s Apprentice with Nicolas Cage.

The Art and Making of The Handmaid's Tale

Andrea Robinson
Explore the terrifying world of Gilead with this behind-the-scenes look at the Emmy award–winning show The Handmaid’s Tale. The hotly anticipated debut of The Handmaid’s Tale—Hulu’s...
Internetová cena: 620,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 729,00 Kč
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Planet of the Apes: Caesar's Story

Maurice, Greg Keyes
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Planet of the Apes franchise: an illustrated life story of Caesar, the brave and extraordinary leader of the apes, as told by Maurice, Caesar's...
Internetová cena: 424,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 499,00 Kč
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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: Movie Magic

Jody Revensonová
Journey behind the scenes of the new Fantastic Beasts movie in this incredible new book, the perfect Christmas gift for any fan of the Harry Potter world! Inside this official tie-in,...
Internetová cena: 509,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 599,00 Kč

The Art of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Dermot Power, Stuart Craig
Step inside the world of the talented art departments who, led by Academy Award®-winning production designer Stuart Craig, were responsible for the creation of the unforgettable...
Internetová cena: 969,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 1 140,00 Kč
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Lights, Camera, Magic! – The Making of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Ian Nathan, Eddie Redmayne
Return to the Wizarding World and discover how director David Yates and producer David Heyman brought the thrilling next chapter of J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts story to the big...
Internetová cena: 399,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 469,00 Kč

Fantastic Beats: The Crimes of Grindelwald - The Original Screnplay

J.K. Rowling
J.K. Rowling's five-film Fantastic Beasts adventure series continues with the original screenplay for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald At the end of Fantastic Beasts and Where...
Internetová cena: 339,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 399,00 Kč

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Movie-Making News - The Stories Behind the Magic

Jody Revensonová
Inspired by the very newspapers seen in the Fantastic Beasts films, and produced on newsprint paper to mimic their appearance, Movie-Making News reveals previously untold...
Internetová cena: 365,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 429,00 Kč

Middle-earth: From Script to Screen

Daniel Falconer, Weta, K.M. Rice, Peter Jackson
For the first time ever, the epic, in-depth story of the creation of one of the most famous fantasy worlds ever imagined, a richly illustrated compendium that reveals the breathtaking...
Internetová cena: 1 487,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 1 749,00 Kč
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Star Wars Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide

Star Wars Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide

The essential, comprehensive guide to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Produced in collaboration with Lucasfilm and written by renowned Star Wars expert Pablo Hidalgo, Star Wars: Rogue One:...
Cena v akci: 110,00 Kč
Internetová cena: 484,00 Kč Běžná cena: 569,00 Kč
Star Wars The Last Jedi™ Visual Dictionary

Star Wars The Last Jedi™ Visual Dictionary

Pablo Hidalgo
Star Wars: The Last Jedi™ The Visual Dictionary is the definitive guide to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, revealing the characters, creatures, droids, locations, and technology from the new...
Cena v akci: 60,00 Kč
Internetová cena: 382,00 Kč Běžná cena: 449,00 Kč

Stanley Kubrick Photographs. Through a Different Lens

Luc Sante, Sean Corcoran, Donald Albrecht
In 1945, at just 17 years old, Stanley Kubrick became a staff photographer for Look magazine. His humanist slice-of-life features celebrate his native New York City and already reveal a...
Internetová cena: 1 402,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 1 649,00 Kč
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Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson
Wes Anderson startled audiences with his stop-motion animated film of Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox.He now displays his unique wit and playful visual sense in an action-filled saga of...
Internetová cena: 416,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 489,00 Kč
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Quay Brothers: On Deciphering the Pharmacist's Prescription for Lip-Reading Puppets

Ron Magliozzi
The Quay Brothers are internationally renowned moving-image artists and designers who, for over thirty years, have been at the vanguard of stop-motion puppet animation and live-action movie...
Internetová cena: 502,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 590,00 Kč
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Anton Corbijn: Inside the American

Anton Corbijn
Anton Corbijn’s new feature film, a suspense thriller starring George Clooney, is set in Sweden and the Abruzzo region of Italy. Filled with candid on- and off-set photographs by director...
Internetová cena: 1 258,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 1 480,00 Kč
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J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World - The Dark Arts: A Movie Scrapbook

Celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter magic! A fascinating guide to the Dark Arts of the Harry Potter films and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, these pages cover both Dark wizards...
Internetová cena: 390,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 459,00 Kč
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Horror Cinema

Paul Duncan, Jürgen Müller
Get ready to quake in fear with this revised and expanded edition of our history of horror cinema. This chilling volume packs 640 pages full with the finest slashers, ghosts, zombies,...
Internetová cena: 450,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 529,00 Kč
Hollywood in the 30s (bazar)

Hollywood in the 30s (bazar)

Daniel Kothenschulte, Robert Nippoldt
Se slevou nabízíme rozbalené exempláře From Chaplin’s last silent films to the colorful Wizard of Oz In the 1930s, the legendary City of Cinema moved from the silent era to the talking...
Cena v akci: 648,00 Kč
Internetová cena: 1 104,00 Kč Běžná cena: 1 299,00 Kč
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Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Deluxe Stationery Set

Celebrate the artistry of the Harry Potter films with this Deathly Hallows–themed stationery set. The Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility—together these make...
Internetová cena: 952,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 1 120,00 Kč

Incredibuilds: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Swooping Evil Deluxe Book and Model Set

Jody Revensonová
Kids can build their own customizable model with this thrilling hardcover book and 3D wood model set from IncrediBuilds. This "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find The"m themed book and wood...
Internetová cena: 502,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 590,00 Kč

Zápisník Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: City Skyline

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them takes viewers to 1920s New York, introducing a whole new cast of wizards, witches, and No-Majs. This finely crafted journal celebrates the exquisite...
Internetová cena: 357,00 Kč
Běžná cena: 420,00 Kč
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